What is a CSA farm?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a popular way for you the consumer to buy local, seasonal food directly from the farmer. Consumers become members by buying a share in the farm before the growing season begins – in return we grow farm-fresh, organically grown produce for our members in a way that cares for the land. In this way, consumer and farmer share responsibility for the production of food, as well as the stewardship of the land that provides it. Farming by its nature depends on the weather, however we draw on our years of experience to bring forth a bountiful harvest.

What’s a CSA farm all about?

  • Community
    Buy local, support your local farmer, participate at the farm, and meet other like-minded consumers
  • Health
    Eat organic and know what’s in your food — no herbicides, pesticides or artificial fertilizers.
  • Ecology
    Buy locally, eat and live sustainably
  • Learning and Fun
    Participate in planting, harvesting and weeding.  Pick some of your own fruits, flowers and vegetables with your family and see where and how the food on your table is grown.
  • Eating with the Seasons
    Changing your diet to eat with the seasons is something that happens naturally when a larger portion of your food begins to come from a garden. Shareholders help one another by sharing recipes and menus.

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