Big Woods Farm

Pickup at the farm

Share pickup on Mondays 4:30-6:30 pm. See the farm map for directions.

Upon arriving at the pickup site, sign in on the member sheet – it is helpful for David and Laurie to know when all the members have come and gone.  There may be other announcements near the sign-in sheet as well.

At your first pickup, you will receive a wooden 1/2 bushel basket which you should use to pick up your share and bring back each week (Big Woods Farm does not expect perfection – if you forget your basket one week, one will be lent to you!).

Now is when the real fun starts!  The produce will be set out much like a farmer’s market, with bulk bins of produce and signs indicating how much you should take for a share (e.g., 1 bag potatoes, a head of cauliflower, etc.).  Simply follow the directions and read the signs and your home free.  The only guideline for picking up your share is that all the produce needs to fit into your 1/1 bushel basket (mounding up of the produce in the basket is fine!).

Things to do for produce pickup at the farm:

1) Bring an assortment of plastic bags with you.  The bags separate the different items and contain the drips of water and stray bits of dirt.

2) Ask David and Laurie what’s new at the farm.  It’s a lot of fun to hear how the vegetables are doing.  They can also give you a heads up on what’s likely to be appearing next week.

3) Talk to the other farm members you see at the pickup.  If you don’t know what something is, or how to use it, ask someone!

Splitting a share?

We let you decide what works best; there are two basic ways to split a share:

1)  Take turns picking up the share every other week. This has two things going for it.  The first is that you’ll have plenty of produce during the week you pick up. The second is that you just have to pick up every other week and don’t have to make arrangements with your splitting partner.  The downside to this arrangement is that you won’t have much (if any) produce left.

2)  Pick up each week and divide the share weekly. This has the benefit of giving you some produce every week.  The downside is that you may end up with odd amounts of things – like three beets.  However, a little bartering with your partner can yield good results (“we’ll take the six beets this week, you can have the broccoli”).  If you are good friends with the person you are splitting with, this gives you a good reason to see each other weekly,  either to pick up the share together, or to split it later.

“We are splitting a share with another couple.  Do we need to pick up the entire share at once,  or  can each of us pick up our half share?” Who ever arrives first should go through the line and take the entire share.  Leave your partner’s half  in a basket (you each get a basket) under the sign-in table, with their name on a piece of scratch paper.  It’s helpful to leave them a note (i.e. “look under table!”)  on the sign-in sheet too.

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