About Big Woods Farm

Big Woods Farm is owned and run by David and Laurie Hougen-Eitzman. It is located in the fertile fields of Rice CountyLaurie David Garlic planting, one hour south of Minneapolis.  Nearby is the Big Woods State Park and the small town of Nerstrand, which was settled in the 1800’s by Laurie’s great-great grandparents, among other Norwegian immigrants.

The farm is 79 acres near the southeast corner of the state park.  David and Laurie are the primary farmers at Big Woods Farm.  They have been farming in Nerstrand since 1992, and the 2015 season will be the 23nd year of Community Supported Agriculture at Big Woods Farm.  The vegetables are grown on about 10 acres, with the remaining 50 acres of tillable land being used for certified organic alfalfa, corn, soybeans and small grains.  In addition, David keeps bees, mainly for pollination, but in a good year there is honey to share too.

Laurie grew up in South Minneapolis and spent much of her childhood summertime at the farm, which belonged to her uncle. She has a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Education from Northland College, and has worked as a naturalist at a variety of parks and museums. David was born and raised in Florida, an unlikely upbringing for a Minnesota farmer. For some reason (the snow?) he went to college in Northfield at St. Olaf College. After graduating, he spent some time in Minneapolis, met Laurie, and got a Ph.D. in ecology at Duke University in North Carolina.

Laurie and David bought the farm from her Uncle Bob (who farmed it for about 30 years).  David also teaches Biology, Agroecology and Entomology during the school year at Carleton College in Northfield.  They have two children, Mari and Theo.

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